Traffic signs

Together with the company I work for, VanBerlo, and in a beautiful team of designers, I designed a traffic sign family.
Duality in every aspect, simplicity and functionality are the most characteristics of these signs. In every element the curve guides the user. In the sign it’s in the shape of an arrow, in the furniture it creates space for a nice sit. Reward with a Good Design Award and and an IF Award.

Employer: VanBerlo, with designers: Ivo Lamers, Remko Verhaagen
Client: Kempisch Bedrijven Park, Kempen, Bladel, The Netherlands
Supplier: Instaal, Bergeijk, The Netherlands

Process, moodboard

Process, sketches

Process, product renderings

Process, production

On a demo location, Smaragdweg

On a demo location, stools

On a demo location, stools and signs in the back

Traffic sign family rewarded with 2 awards