I am Jeriël Bobbe, product designer, epicurean. Studied for four years at the Design Academy, Eindhoven. After graduating Cum Laude, I’ve worked at VanBerlo for 5 years.

At VanBerlo I have worked for a wide range of clients. For almost 5 years I have collaborated in teams with very experienced designers and engineers, to create products that only competes with the best of the best. 

In addition to that, I’ve created and worked on my own design label ‘Bloondesign’. It has made a very successful start. Bloon gave me a good understanding of working with all the facets of a company. PR, HR, research, insights, strategy, design and suppliers. 

Now I’m ready to see more of the world, companies and people. I'm combining freelance activities with being an entrepreneur. 

I love to ideate. Starting with zero, end with a full table of ideas that are even strategically covered. 

To bring ideas and thoughts to life, I am capable of making quick hand sketches or rendered (marker) sketches for an even better understanding of the direction you want to go. 

I work with programs like Rhinoceros (3D CAD), Keyshot (renders), Painter/sketchbook pro & designer (digital sketching), Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.  

Next to that, I love to cook veggie with a nice glass of wine, running, soccer and cultural city trips.
I have always been a real entrepreneur. Enterprising, social, and honest. Sharp where necessary. 

I’m always open for a joke, but never loose focus. 

Curious? Let’s talk! I’m open for discussion.